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Difference between Shield and Shield M

Distinguishing Between the Shield and Shield M Sunglasses

The Shield and Shield M are lightweight, versatile multi-sport sunglasses suitable for various environments, particularly the mountains. However, understanding their disparities aids in selecting the appropriate pair.

Frame: The Shield boasts a lightweight polycarbonate frame, offering full coverage and equipped with Air Flow venting to deter fogging. Its curved temples, featuring Grip Tech and Nose Grip tech, ensure a secure and comfortable fit, coupled with ample protection against sunlight and glare. Removable synthetic side shields and a silicone accessory cord are included.

Conversely, the Shield M, denoted as "medium," presents a slightly smaller alternative. Retaining the Shield's technology, the Shield M is suitable for those seeking a snugger fit. Its lightweight polycarbonate frame, Air Flow venting, curved Grip Tech temple arms, and Grip Nose Pads guarantee comfort and security. Removable synthetic side shields are also featured.

Lenses: The Shield offers large lenses with either polycarbonate Spectron or REACTIV Photochromic lenses. Spectron lenses provide robust protection for mountain activities, with anti-reflective coating and flash finish enhancing visual comfort and light filtration. Meanwhile, the Shield M also offers Spectron or REACTIV Photochromic lenses, with similar properties tailored to smaller dimensions.

In essence, while both sunglasses deliver high-performance features, the Shield caters to a larger fit, whereas the Shield M targets individuals preferring a more compact design. Both models prioritize functionality and style, ensuring suitability for diverse outdoor pursuits.

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