Learning avalanche skills is crucial for backcountry safety. Explore course options to get started.

  • Avalanche Awareness Workshop

    if you're new to snowy mountain adventures and want to stay safe, this course introduces avalanches, why they happen, and how to stay out of danger zones. Begin to recognize and avoid avalanche terrain.

    Prerequisites: none.

  • Avalanche Backcountry Course 1

    This three-day course led by experienced avalanche experts covers assessing avalanche risk, decision-making, and rescue. It's one of two base courses recommended by AHF, offering crucial basics for safe mountain travel.

    Prerequisites: none.

  • Avalanche Backcountry Course 2

    If you’ve taken the ABC 1 and are continuing to venture into the winter backcountry, then the ABC 2 course is for you. Build upon the foundation you developed during your prior training. Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances and intricacies of avalanches. Begin to understand how to choose terrain, understand snowpack instability and snowpack testing.

    Prerequisites: ABC-`1 or similar certification..

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  • Pro Level 1

    This 7 day course is tailored for both new and experienced avalanche professionals. Whether you're just starting or aiming to refresh your skills, this program equips you to be a valuable member of operational avalanche teams. You'll learn essential skills to effectively observe, gather, and contribute critical information for risk management and operational choices.

    Prerequisites: ABC 1 or similar international certification, and at least one full winter season of relevant experience.

  • Pro Level 2

    Designed for experienced avalanche professionals or those aspiring to leadership roles, the six-day Pro 2 course sharpens skills for operational leadership. Gain expertise in risk management, forecasting, mitigation, and effective communication within avalanche programs.

    Prerequisites: Pro 1 certificate, at least two full winter seasons of operational avalanche experience (verified by a letter of reference), and submission of examples of professional documentation.

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