Avalanche Himalaya is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization committed to advancing public avalanche safety.

Our mission is to issue daily avalanche forecasts throughout the winter for various mountainous regions in North-western India.

This invaluable information is accessible through our website and Avalanche Himalaya Mobile app.

Our efforts extend to coordinating avalanche education programs, offering support to instructors of Avalanche Himalaya training initiatives, serving as a central hub for avalanche information, and collaborating with a range of avalanche research projects, both domestically and internationally.

For more insight into our initiatives, please refer to our comprehensive booklet.

Our vision is to inspire, engage, and empower winter backcountry enthusiasts to safely enjoy India's snowy landscapes and be well-protected from avalanches.

We are dedicated to promoting safe winter backcountry recreation by developing, organizing, promoting, and delivering world-class public avalanche safety programs and services in India.


  • We emphasize awareness, training, and safety for all individuals venturing into avalanche-prone areas.
  • Our organization is all-encompassing and serves participants of diverse winter recreational activities.
  • We are committed to basing all our programs, services, and materials on accurate research and evidence.
  • We establish strategic partnerships to amplify the reach of our programs and messages.
  • We conduct thorough investigations to comprehend factors contributing to incidents in avalanche terrain, actively supporting research.
  • We motivate individuals to relish winter backcountry experiences while ensuring safety.
  • We highly value the strength, energy, and leadership within our staff and community.
  • We cultivate a professional, enjoyable, and sustainable work environment, fostering growth opportunities for our team.
  • We tackle challenges and adapt to changes with creativity, collaboration, courage, and enthusiastic dedication.

Operational Verticals

  • Avalanche Forecasting

    Building an ecosystem of avalanche forecasting services for both commercial and government use cases.

  • Avalanche Hazard Mitigation

    Conducting active avalanche mitigation for users like Ski resorts, National Highways, Strategic Assets or Civilian Administration.

  • Avalanche Safety and Rescue

    Building resource potential for disaster management organizations like SDRFs or DDRFs for conducting

  • Education and Training

    Conducting Avalanche skills training courses and workshops for both recreational enthusiasts or formal organizations like Police, Tourism Departments, Ski Patrols and outdoor professionals