Glacier Skills and Crevasse Rescue

Glacier Skills and Crevasse Rescue

This comprehensive 3-day program offers essential skills for ascending glaciated peaks within a team led by an experienced climber. While primarily intended as a budget-friendly entry-level course, it also serves as a sought-after refresher for seasoned leaders. Our commitment to refining the curriculum ensures it remains a valuable resource for staying current with the latest techniques and practices in the field.

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Tuition for the program includes the guides' fee and all group equipment. Personal equipment is not included in the program cost, but it can be rented from our equipment shop. A complete list of recommended and required equipment will be sent to you upon registration. Course participants will carpool to the trailhead

Though this program does cover backcountry navigation, there is limited time. Some mountaineers choose to enhance their glacier navigation skills before or after a program by combining this class with either the three-hour Backcountry Navigation Essentials class, or the one-day Backcountry Navigation Comprehensive program.



  • Multi-day Himalayan backpacking experience.
  • Good physical fitness

Medical Fitness

If you have any health-related concerns , please download the Medical Statement form which goes over a medical checklist. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions there, please get medical clearance from your doctor prior to reaching Keylong. You will need one separate clearance for every question to which you answer “yes.”

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Course Info

Day 1: Acclimatization Day

We stay close to our lodgings and do Gear Check followed by a summary refresher of all the basics of rappelling, anchor placement, and belaying. We practice hand and foot placements and knot tying.

Day 2: Field sessions on Glacier

Ice axe positions, self-arrest, anchor building and placement. Procedures for glacier travel.

Day 3: Field sessions on Glacier

Crevase rescue techniques and self-rescue techniques.


We recommend this program for climbers who would like to brush up on glacier travel skills in preparation for either their own climbs of glaciated peaks or for one of our intermediate - level courses

Course Details

Max Ratio - 5:1 or 10:2 (Students:Guides)

Capacity - 10

Skills Covered

  • Snow Anchors
  • The Prusik Hitch and other hitches
  • Understand the use of varous types of traction/friction devices
  • Self-arrest; rappelling, & prusiking
  • The concept and application of the self-belay
  • Rope management
  • Individual & team crevasse rescue techniques
  • Set up a Hauling System: Z-pulley (3:1), C-Pulley (2:1) to Complete the 6:1 System

In Himalayan mountaineering, mastering crevasse travel, rescue, and self-rescue skills is paramount due to the unique challenges posed by the region's rugged terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. The Himalayas are notorious for their vast glaciers riddled with hidden crevasses, making the ability to navigate safely and respond swiftly to emergencies imperative for survival.

Moreover, the assessment of changing snow and weather conditions is crucial in mitigating crevasse hazards. Himalayan climbers must continuously evaluate snowpack stability, avalanche risks, and glacier movements to anticipate and adapt to evolving hazards.

Being prepared involves comprehensive training in crevasse rescue techniques, including rope skills, anchor building, and self-extrication methods. Additionally, climbers must stay vigilant, equipped with appropriate gear such as harnesses, ice axes, and crampons, and possess the knowledge to recognize and avoid hazardous terrain features.

We do not make a summit or any pass attempt.

Instead, we maximize our instructional time and dedicate our three days to learning and practicing essential glacier travel skills.

If you would like to add a summit climb, we can arrange on a private basis a skills training session and an ascent on a 6-12 day trip. Please call us to discuss scheduling.

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This course runs as a public, group outing every other weekend in the summer months. It can also be taught as a private program for you, your family, or a group of friends, with custom dates and length appropriate to your needs. Call us with any questions.

Important Info

  • Booking Deposit: A 50% deposit is required upon booking.
  • The remaining cost will be settled upon your arrival at the location