The 4 Best Ice Axes - 2024

In the world of alpine adventures, the choice of gear can mean the difference between a successful ascent and a daunting challenge. One of the most critical pieces of equipment for mountaineers is the ice axe. An ice axe serves multiple functions, aiding climbers in maintaining balance, performing self-arrests, and providing security on steep terrain. In this extensive guide, we delve deep into four distinct ice axes, each offering its unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision based on your specific alpine needs.

1. Petzl Evo Summit: The Ultimate All-Rounder


Best Overall Ice Axe

If you had to choose just one ice axe to handle a wide array of alpine activities, the Petzl Summit Evo would be the top contender. This non-modular ice axe is designed to conquer steep snow and ice routes with ease and navigate complex glacier terrain like a true champion. While it excels on challenging routes, it's also remarkably lightweight and comfortable for a wide range of users. Here's a closer look at what makes the Petzl Summit Evo stand out:


  • Hot-forged pick: This feature ensures exceptional penetration into firm snow and ice, providing a reliable hold.
  • Curved shaft: The unique teardrop-shaped design reduces fatigue, making it ideal for steep routes where endurance is key.
  • Outstanding steep snow climbing performance: It shines in challenging snowy conditions, offering excellent stability.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various alpine-oriented tasks, from ice climbing to glacier traverses.
  • Excellent self-arrest performance: Provides confidence and security on steep slopes.


  • Average in weight: It may not be the lightest option available, which could be a consideration for those prioritizing minimal weight.
  • On the more expensive side: Quality comes at a cost, and the Summit Evo is an investment.

It's worth noting that if your primary use for an ice axe is early-season backpacking, ski mountaineering, or less technical terrain, a lighter axe might be more appropriate for your needs. However, if you're looking for a versatile performer capable of handling a wide array of alpine tasks, the Petzl Summit Evo is unparalleled.


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2. Black Diamond Raven: Best Value for Your Buck


Best Value Ice Axe

When you're on a budget but still require a reliable ice axe, the Black Diamond Raven emerges as the best value for your money. This solid, comfortable general mountaineering axe offers impressive performance in terrain that isn't excessively technical. Let's break down what the Black Diamond Raven has to offer:


  • Great price: It provides excellent value for your investment, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious climbers.
  • Comfortable to carry: Designed for extended use, it offers comfort during long ascents and descents.
  • Narrow head: The design offers additional clipping options, enhancing versatility.
  • Effective self-arrests: Particularly effective in softer snow conditions, adding a layer of security.


  • Challenges with steep snow: It may not be the best choice for extremely steep or technical snow routes.
  • Heavy: Compared to some other models, it falls on the heavier side, which could be a consideration for those looking to minimize weight.
  • Below-average adze performance: It might not excel in chopping tasks compared to specialized models.
  • Penetration into firm snow and ice: In harder conditions, the pick may not perform as effectively as other models.

The Black Diamond Raven is well-suited for moderate snow climbs, early-season backpacking, and basic glacier routes. However, it may not be the top choice for highly technical or steep terrain. It did face stiff competition from the similarly priced CAMP Neve but still earned its reputation as a budget-friendly option.


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3. Petzl Sum'Tec: Mastery of Steep Snow and Ice


Best for Steep Snow and Ice

For alpinists who frequently find themselves tackling steep and icy terrain, the Petzl Sum'Tec rises as the leading contender. This ice axe is meticulously designed for climbing steep ice and excels in such conditions. Here's what sets it apart:


  • Hot-forged pick: Ensures exceptional performance, offering a secure hold even on firm snow and ice.
  • Climbs steep ice extremely well: Ideal for demanding ice routes, providing confidence and stability.
  • Slider pommel: Enhances versatility, allowing compatibility with various ice climbing picks.
  • Top-performing adze: The Sum'Tec excels in chopping tasks, making it a versatile tool.
  • Extremely versatile: Adaptable to various alpine scenarios, from ice climbing to technical ascents.


  • On the heavier side: It may not be the lightest option, which could be a consideration for those aiming to minimize weight.
  • Higher price point: Quality and performance come at a cost, and the Sum'Tec falls into a higher price bracket.
  • Overkill for basic snow climbs and glacier routes: Its capabilities may exceed the requirements of less technical terrain.
  • Choppy self-arresting in firm conditions: The self-arrest experience may be less smooth in hard snow or ice conditions.

The Sum'Tec from Petzl represents a fusion of traditional ice axe design and modern ice tool functionality. It's compatible with all of Petzl's interchangeable picks, hammers, and adzes, offering a wide range of customization options. If your alpine pursuits involve sustained steep snow, complex glacier routes, or moderate water ice, this axe deserves serious consideration.



4. Petzl Ride: The Pinnacle of Lightweight Performance


Best for Lightweight Alpine Adventures

For those who prioritize minimizing weight without sacrificing performance, the Petzl Ride is the ultimate choice. This ultralight model strikes a perfect balance between weight reduction and functionality. Here's why it's the go-to pick for lightweight alpine endeavors:


  • Extremely lightweight: Ideal for reducing your overall pack weight, crucial for long approaches and extended trips.
  • Good steep snow climbing performance: It provides confidence and stability on challenging slopes.
  • Lightest model to feature a steel head: Combines lightweight design with durability.
  • Short length: The compact size allows it to fit inside a pack for added convenience during transportation.
  • Surprisingly versatile: Suitable for basic snow climbs and moderate glacier routes, making it adaptable to various scenarios.


  • Average comfort to carry: The emphasis on minimal weight could compromise overall comfort during extended use.
  • Limited length options: It's only available in one length (45cm), limiting customization possibilities.
  • Limited adze performance: It may not excel in chopping tasks compared to specialized models.
  • Lacks a dedicated spike: In certain scenarios, the absence of a spike could be a limitation.

The Petzl Ride stands out as our favorite ultralight model, falling just shy of the lightest option in our review by less than an ounce. Despite its featherweight construction, it features a steel pick and adze.



Conclusion: Equipped for Alpine Success

In the challenging world of alpine mountaineering, where every ounce matters and every move counts, the choice of an ice axe can be pivotal. As we conclude our exploration of four exceptional ice axes, each tailored to specific alpine needs, it becomes clear that the perfect ice axe for you depends on your unique adventures.

  • Petzl Summit Evo: The undisputed all-rounder. It's the jack of all trades, ready to conquer steep snow, challenging ice, and complex glaciers. With its hot-forged pick, teardrop-shaped shaft, and top-notch self-arrest capabilities, it's a reliable companion for diverse alpine endeavors. While it's not the lightest option and comes with a higher price tag, it's an investment in versatility and performance.

  • Black Diamond Raven: The best value for your buck. If you're looking for a dependable general mountaineering axe that won't break the bank, the Raven is your answer. Comfortable to carry and effective in self-arrests, it's an ideal choice for moderate snow climbs and basic glacier routes. Keep in mind that it may struggle on highly technical terrain and is relatively heavy compared to some alternatives.

  • Petzl Sum'Tec: The master of steep snow and ice. Designed for those who dare to tackle challenging icy routes, the Sum'Tec impresses with its hot-forged pick and top-performing adze. While it's on the heavier side and comes with a higher price, it's a specialized tool for those who demand the best in steep and technical alpine scenarios.

  • Petzl Ride: The pinnacle of lightweight performance. For alpinists who prioritize weight reduction without compromising on performance, the Ride is a revelation. Its extremely lightweight design, good steep snow climbing capabilities, and versatility make it an excellent choice for lightweight alpine adventures. However, keep in mind that it may not be the most comfortable option for extended use, and its limited length options and adze performance might be drawbacks in certain situations.

In the end, the choice of an ice axe boils down to your specific goals and the terrain you intend to conquer. Each of these ice axes has its strengths and weaknesses, making them suitable for different alpine scenarios. By assessing your needs and preferences, you can select the ice axe that will become your trusted companion on your journey to alpine success. Whether you're navigating glaciers, ascending steep snow slopes, or conquering icy challenges, the right ice axe is the key to unlocking your alpine aspirations. Stay safe, adventure wisely, and may your chosen ice axe be a reliable partner on your path to alpine greatness.

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