Our approach in unlike the crowded guided mountaineering scene in India. We prioritize a personalized experience. This means you won't find yourself in large, impersonal groups. We work as small tight-knit group. Clients to Guide ratios are always under 4:1

Peak overview

Nestled amidst the rugged terrain of Lahoul and Spiti lies a majestic peak known as the Lady of Keylong, named after the British Lady Elashaingh day who explored the region.

The mountain, with its perpetually snow-covered peaks, is a delight for general / ski- mountaineers.

Its rocky outcrops form a striking figure resembling a woman carrying a load on her back, visible from the town of Keylong.

The approach

Embarking on this expedition begins with a journey to the quaint Tinoo village near Keylong. Surrounded by lush vegetation and picturesque landscapes, Tinoo sets the stage for our adventure. We'll trek through vegetable farms and juniper trees, crossing rivers and ascending the northern face of Tinoo settlement to reach our base camp. This camp, nestled on a steep hill amidst highland flora and stones, serves as our starting point for the arduous climb ahead.

Loaded with gear and provisions, we push onward to higher camps, acclimatizing to the altitude as we go. The ascent starts steep, with loose rocks and hard snow, leading to a high-exposure gully demanding swift progress. Further challenges await, including navigating moraine glacier waterfalls and confronting steep ice walls embedded with scree.

The climb

As we near the summit camp, the terrain becomes increasingly treacherous, with perilous climbs up rocky slopes and icy walls. Finally, at the summit camp, situated on a vast glacier at 5200 meters, we catch our first glimpse of the awe-inspiring Lady of Keylong in all her glory.

The moment of truth arrives as we prepare for the final push to the summit. Under the cover of night, we set out, navigating steep snowy slopes and avoiding gaping crevasses. After a challenging ascent, we stand triumphant atop the 6061-meter peak, rewarded with breathtaking views of surrounding peaks and valleys.

Descending from our conquest, we pack up camp and make our way back to Keylong, filled with a sense of accomplishment and awe at the wonders of nature. Our expedition to the Lady of Keylong may be challenging, but the reward of summiting this majestic peak is unparalleled.


Upon arriving at Manali, you'll be greeted by a member of the team for a private two-hour transfer to your accommodation in Keylong,

Before a welcome banquet, your guides will provide an introduction to Lahaul, offering an orientation and an overview of the upcoming exped.


Acclimatization at Keylong or Pasparag

Each morning, the guides will assess snow and weather conditions to present the best options during breakfast. You can choose to explore the area around the town, venture to nearby monasteries, or descend to the valley floor.

Those interested can receive additional avalanche awareness and rescue training.


Gear / Equipment issue and check. We go over basic mountaineering skills that we will employ during the course of the exped. This is followed by more acclimatization hikes. This day also helps everyone get accustomed to things like the boots, etc.


We move from Keylong to Tino village and establish base camp above Tino Village.

The Base Camp is at 4218m (N 32 34. 253’ /E 077 08. 937’)


We move to up the mountain to setup Camp 1.


Load ferry to camp 2 and route selection for summit camp.
The patch between Camp1 to Summit Camp is the most
technical having a portion of ice climbing and overhead hazard of Loose Rocks.
We may choose to directly setup Summit Camp at 5211m.


Occupy Camp 2, and fix ropes for Summit Camp


Occupy Summit Camp

Day 9

Summit Day and back to camp 2.

Day 10

Camp 2 to Base camp

Day 11

Return to kelyong, we hold a evening dinner.

Day 12

Departure from Keylong back to Manali


Feel free to discuss such addons for cultural sightseeing.