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Whether it's losing yourself in glades of powder or finding your groove on the corduroy, the Rossignol Black Ops Escaper Skis have the power to elevate your skiing beyond the everyday. Built with a Pauwlonia wood core complemented with Diago Fiber and Damp Tech laminates, the Black Ops Escapers are lightweight and nimble, but retain the stability and power you need when conditions leave something to be desired. Mount up a touring binding and head for the hills or carve your local resort to shreds, the Black Ops Escaper Skis are bound to hit the spot.

We'll touch on it a few times, but there're a lot of different names going on with the Blackops line from Rossignol this year, and I promise, we'll all get through it together. The Escaper model in the Blackops line basically takes the place of the Sky 7, offering a bit of a narrower ski that has the same overall character, but with some new Blackops freeride twists. While many skiers loved the Sky and its maneuverable and quick-turning nature, it did lack a bit at speed due to the extra-light tips and tails. Rossignol has changed that for the Escaper, offering more of a traditional build with beefier (yet still manageable) tips and tails to go along with the rest of the ski. At 94 mm underfoot and with no metal, the skis are going to be quick, easy to turn, and hold a decent edge on hardpack. It's more of a narrow freeride ski versus a wider all-mountain ski, just because the build has more in line with an off-piste ski, similar to that of the Sky 7. With a 19-meter turn radius, a full wood core and the Blackops adventure attitude, the Escaper might not seem as cool as the Senders or Holyshreds of the Rossignol world, but they're going to find a good following with a wide variety of skiers, and that's just how we like it.


Rocker Type 

| Tip Rocker – Medium

| Tail Rocker – Low

| Camber – Low


| Pop: Low – Lower pop translates to a smooth, damp feel for comfortable cruising and stability at speed


| Paulownia Wood Core – Paulownia Wood is 30% lighter than average, offering a compromise between agility, control, and power.

| Extended Core – Extended Core increases snow contact and torsional stability for enhanced precision and control in varied snow conditions.


| Diago Fiber – Race-developed Diago Fiber reduces weight and enhances responsiveness.

| Damp Tech – A Damp Tech insert at the tip reduces ski vibration, absorbing irregularities in the terrain.

| Air Tip – Air Tip lightens the tip and tail of the ski for improved maneuverability and turn control in all snow conditions.


| 30% Recycled Material


| 100% Recycled Steel


| 15% Recycled Topsheet

Additional Features

Sustainability – The BLACKOPS range has been developed with a strong focus on material sourcing and the product lifecycle. Each ski has been constructed using PEFC™ certified poplar or FSC® certified paulownia wood cores combined with recycled topsheet, base, and edge materials to help reduce their environmental impact.

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