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GRIVEL Air-Tech Ice Axe Evolution - T

GRIVEL Air-Tech Ice Axe Evolution - T

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The Grivel Air Tech Evolution (often shorted to Grivel Evo) is one of our former award winners that remains an excellent all-around axe that is designed down to the finest detail. It was our over-all favorite ice axes until Petzl released the Summit Evo which has a similar pick and adze, but a more ergonomic shaft that is more comfortable for steep snow climbing and is a little lighter weight. The Evo is one of the few T-rated ice axes in this review. T stands for Technical and refers to its shaft and pick being rated to 400kg. It sports a hot-forged chromoly steel pick and adze that will chop steps as well as any axe I tested. Its hot-forged pick is extremely durably and provides incredible ice incursion capabilities. The Evo climbs steep, firm ice as well as could be asked from a classic curved pick. Grivel was founded in 1818 and is the oldest ice axe manufacturer in the world today.

If extreme toughness and top-notch steep snow performance are priorities, then this is fantastic ice axe. If you are looking for a simple ice axe for general mountaineering, you can save a few dollars and ounces with another axe. But if there are steep alpine couloirs in your future or if you expect a lifetime of climbing, the Evo makes a great choice.


| Material: Chromolly Steel

| Hot forged Yes

| Blade: Classical positive

| Horizontal Resistance: 400 T

| Shaft/grip: Rubber

| Length: 53 cm

| Weight: 430g

| Country of Origin: Italy

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