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La Sportiva Nitrogym

La Sportiva Nitrogym

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The shoe with Velcro closure, made with extremely breathable and 100% washable fabric, is designed especially for indoor climbing and newcomers to the sport. Ideal for rental services in the gym.


3 layer WashTex external fabric keeps the shoe clean and hygienic at all times. The perforated microfibre fabric provides structure and flexibility while the internal breathable fabric allows maximum elimination of sweat during long wear at the gym
Every detail has been designed with comfort in mind, allowing the shoe to be worn for many hours at the gym, even with sweaty feet.
Extremely easy to pull on thanks to the patented “FAST LACING SYSTEM”, allowing personal regulation of the internal foot volume. A double regulation system is achieved with the combination of the Velcro closure and the anchor point.
The construction method comprises a snug-fitting central band linked to the loop lacing system. This allows the foot to be completely and harmoniously enclosed, promoting overall general comfort.
External numeration to facilitate the choice of size on the rental counter


Uppers: 3 layers WashTex in 3 layers: washable external fabric + structural microfibre + breathable inner fabric Lining: breathable fabric
Fit: medium
Midsole: 1,8 mm LaSpoFlex
Sole: 5 mm FriXion RS
Weight: Gr. 400 per pair

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